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About Our Principal

Dr. Saroj Rani


India is a country which has an ancient heritage of deep Philosophical thinking. Our devoted sincere saints discovered out ethical & balanced principles for living a joyful life. Their researches were focused upon all round development of earth. They sincerely respected eco-cycle science for living beings. Entire Indian religion is based upon Sanatan Dharam. India is the country which respects & prays each and every animal, tree, soil, river, sky, moon, sun, stars, women, men etc in their respective religious precisions. Our children are groomed up in the environment of non-violence & strong tolerance. They know that they have to respect and love to everyone irrespective to their caste, religion, social strata and mental status.

Today society is changing towards the riches and amenities. Individualized approach of thinking now have badly damaged the dedicated values and principles of India. Teacher Education institution are supposed to nurture the ancient ethical values into the upcoming teachers so as they join their jobs, they may justify their society as well themselves. Swami Vivekanand College of Education ethically and principally values this social need and focuses upon the honest fulfillment of the requirement of education. I believe that the efforts being made by management, faculty and stake holders will always support and nurture the college and the beneficiaries.

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