Techno Services

Techno Expertise LLC is mostly a computer system and software expansion company found in Princeton Passageway, NJ. The organization provides various THIS solutions, software goods, and other methods to businesses, language schools, and other establishments. Besides rendering IT alternatives, Techno Solutions also offers helpdesk, inbound and outbound cellphone communications, and interactive words response, between other products and services. Its earnings is around $526, 267 annually, and its staff number 15 as of the last report.

K12 Techno Offerings Pvt. Limited. is an IT expertise company which offers a comprehensive collection of academic support, services, and solutions. For the reason that the demands of students have grown in the last decade, the company possesses responded to the needs. It absolutely was founded in 2010, and is a subsidiary of K12 Education. The business is headquartered in Bangalore. It has much more than 800 employees in five offices across the country. For more information, visit you’re able to send website.

SRMP Techno Offerings is a leading IT providers company with over 80 schools in India. They give a complete collection of third party inspection services, including welder qualification and certification. Additionally , they provide a wide range of consulting services. The company’s mission is to help businesses achieve their very own business goals by enhancing the quality of education for their consumers. They are a market-driven organization with a dedication to top quality. The company’s focus on customer-centered design and development has made this a top decision for various businesses and customers.

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